Foreign Investment List Revised

SparQbites by: Peter Burton

Changes are coming that will allow foreigners to invest in new industries as well as owning a greater share of their business. Current regulation on foreign investment in the Philippines was introduced in 1991 by the Foreign Investment Act (FIA), which stipulated economic areas where foreign equity was permitted and […]

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Booming industries in the Philippines

SparQbites by: Peter Burton

The Philippines grew at a remarkable rate of 6.8% of GDP in 2016 and is projected to continue its growth over at least the next 5 years. What industries have thrived in this period and what sectors show the most promise? We take a quick look at […]

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F&B Opportunities in the Philippines

SparQbites by: Peter Burton

Ending 2016 on a strong note by growing at 6.8% of GDP for the year, the Philippines is receiving increased interest from foreign companies looking at how they can leverage on this promising market. The Philippines has gradually built itself as one of the best performing economies […]

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Philippine 2017 Investment Priority Plan

SparQbites by: Peter Burton

The Philippine government recently released its list of priority industries and service areas which are to be encouraged and provided fiscal and non-fiscal incentives. The annually updated list provides a clear guide for both local and foreign companies on areas of investment which will receive government support. Themed […]

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Philippine Economic Outlook

sparqbites_economic_sparqSparQbites by: Peter Burton

To experience an inclusive growth and catch up to our ASEAN neighbors, GDP must grow at a rate of 10-12%. These are the words of Director General Ernesto Pernia of the National Economic and Development Authority as he addressed the European Chamber of Commerce’s joint luncheon on […]

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The Fastest Growing Economy in Asia

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Rising tiger of Asia

The Philippines is now the fastest growing economy in Asia. In 2016, the country’s GDP grew by a total of 6.8%, beating out China’s 6.7% and Vietnam’s 6.2% in what most experts project will be a sustained trend of strong growth for the Philippine […]

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Foreign Equity Rules in the Philippines

SparQbites by: Peter Burton

Restrictions on foreign equity

There is a lot of confusion over foreign equity rules in the Philippines; many believe that a foreigner cannot own more than 40% of any business in the Philippines. Generally, the Philippines is open to anyone who wants to invest; in fact, you can incorporate […]

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6 Tips for Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

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Starting and running your own business is exciting but can be equally daunting. Normally, employee #1 is responsible for everything from marketing to delivering a high-quality product. Prioritising becomes essential. Even highly skilled entrepreneurs can’t be expected to do every business task with the full attention it […]

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Outsourcing to the Philippines: What are the possibilities?

sparqbites_outsourcing_sparqSparQbites by: Peter Burton

Many associate the business process outsourcing (BPO) with large call centers in the Philippines and India dealing with customer service requests from western companies. Well, that is a large chunk of the industry, but BPO’s have become highly sophisticated and diverse in their service offerings as more […]

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Duterte Rhetoric Not an Issue for Prospective Investors

sparqbites_duterte_sparqSparQbites by: Peter Burton

President Duterte’s sharp-tongued rhetoric has been making international headlines recently, raising speculation that his provocative behavior and bombast could affect the Philippines image as an emerging investment location. However, businesses experts would tell you not to listen to the political noise in the mainstream media and instead […]

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